(CAR) T-cell Immunotherapy

(CAR) T-cell Immunotherapy

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-Cell Immunotherapy

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-Cell Immunotherapy
Engineering T cells to boost the immune system has potential benefits beyond cancer treatment, including treatments for HIV/AIDS, chronic inflammatory disease, arthritis, and lupus. CAR T-cell therapy in organ transplantation is under investigation to eliminate the requirement for lifelong immunosuppressants. The future of CAR-T research is promising, and BPS Bioscience, Inc. is working hard to establish novel cell lines and other resources to aid in the development, testing, and enhancement of CAR-T cells for the advancement of human health (https://bpsbioscience.com).

CAR T-Cell Benefits:

  1. HLA-independent antigen recognition
  2. Active in CD8+ and CD4+ T cells
  3. Target antigens include glycolipids, carbohydrates & proteins
  4. Rapid generation of tumor specific T-cells
  5. Minimal risk of autoimmunity
  6. A living drug & single infusion

BPS has developed stable, recombinant cell lines expressing cancer antigens at different expression levels--high, medium, or low expression. These cell lines are ideal to monitor the effectiveness of different CAR-T at detecting the target antigen expressed at different levels, which may relate to the time dependence of antigen expression. BPS also offers biotin-labeled versions of many of the antigens recognized by CAR-T cells, such as BCMA, CD19, CD22, CD123, CD38, and ROR1. These biotin-labeled proteins can bind to CAR-T cells and be detected by flow cytometry using PE-streptavidin, in order to verify that the CAR-T cell is recognizing and binding the specific cancer antigen. BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt Ltd is the distributor of BPS Bioscience in India, supplying their complete product range including CAR-T cell therapy products to the Indian scientific community.

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