Extensive Range of mRNA

Extensive Range of mRNA

BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd. with its Principal Partner OZ Biosciences offers a wide range of mRNAs that mimic fully processed mature mRNAs. These mRNAs are stabilized with 5’ Cap 1 structure and 3’ poly(A) tail and are optimized to yield improved stability & performance. They are modified with 5-methoxyuridine (5moU replaces U) or N1-methyl-pseudouridine (N1-mψ) to reduce innate immune responses. We also offer unmodified mRNAs.

Following are the categories of ready-to-use mRNAs:

  1. Reporter gene mRNAs: ideal controls to study transfection efficiency
  2. Genome editing mRNAs: Cas9 mRNA for CRISPR Genome editing
  3. Vaccine mRNAs: ideal as controls for immunization or vaccine studies
  4. Gene Replacement mRNAs: EPO mRNA
  5. Fluorescent mRNAs: Cy5 GFP mRNA, Cy5 GFP mRNA

We offer a Custom mRNA Synthesis Service:

We supply custom mRNAs at microgram to multigram scales, from a few hundred up to several thousand bases, with a wide variety of modifications including 5’ terminal modifications with cap, internal modification such as 5-methoxyuridine (other modified nucleotides are available) and 3’ modification such as poly-A tail. fluorescent labeling with Cy5, Cy3 or other options is available.

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