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Ab-DeliverIN™ Transfection Reagent

Ab-DeliverIN™ Transfection Reagent

Transfection is the process of deliberately introducing naked or purified nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells. It may also refer to other methods and cell types, although other terms are often preferred. "Transformation" is typically used to describe non-viral DNA transfer in bacteria and non-animal eukaryotic cells, including plant cells. Transfection enables a wide variety of applications in addition to transient gene expression, including gene silencing, stable cell line generation, virus production, large-scale protein production, stem cell reprogramming and differentiation, etc.
We, BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd., a channel partner of OZ Bioscience, provide their Ab-DeliverIN™ Transfection Reagent at the best price in India. It is the first reagent dedicated to the intracellular delivery of fully functional antibodies. Ab-DeliverIN opens up new fields of investigation in proteomics, for instance, to elucidate complex molecular mechanisms or to design new potential therapies.

Intracellular delivery of a functionally active antibody
Highly efficient in many primary cells and cell lines
Serum compatible
Biodegradable and non-toxic
Straightforward protocol and ready-to-use reagent

For more details, please follow the link below:
Ab-DeliverIN - Antibody Delivery - Transfection Reagent - OZ Biosciences


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