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Antibodies For Plant and Algal Research

Antibodies For Plant and Algal Research

Plant biotechnology and antibody engineering have combined in recent years to provide many exciting new opportunities for plant molecular biology. Specifically, transgenic plants now have the potential to be used to generate large amounts of antibodies for use in therapeutics and diagnostics. Alternatively, plant-produced antibodies can be used to alter existing plant biochemical pathways or to effectively immunise plants against pathogens or viral infections. Indeed, many different monoclonal antibodies and their derivatives have already been produced in plants for a variety of applications.
Agrisera is a Swedish company, established in 1985, specialized in antibody production and purification and provides off-the-shelf antibodies for plant and algal research, with prompt delivery worldwide and reactivity to thousands of species. Agrisera also offers an extensive list of antibodies suitable for the detection of plant cell compartments.
BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd., as an authorised channel partner of Agrisera in India, provides their comprehensive range of plant antibodies and reagents to the dynamic scientific community at affordable prices with multiple offers for promoting research on plants and their associated applications in the fields of pharmaceutics, food, genetic engineering, enzymes, chemical industry, soil, environment, and many more.
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