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Best Selling Research Products From Abbexa

Best Selling Research Products From Abbexa

BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd., an authorized distributor of Abbexa in India, offers their complete product catalog at the best price to the scientific community. We are delighted to introduce you to some of Abbexa's best-selling products, which have been consistently trusted by researchers worldwide. These products are designed to empower your research, providing you with the research tools you need to achieve accurate and reliable results.
Mouse Receptor-Type Tyrosine-Protein Phosphatase C/CD45 (PTPRC) ELISA Kit: ELISA kit for in vitro quantification of PTPRC in serum, plasma, tissue homogenates, and other biological fluids
Endonuclein (PWP1) ELISA Kit: ELISA Kit for the in vitro quantification of human PWP1 concentrations in tissue homogenates, cell lysates, and other biological fluids
Recombinant Human Cytoplasmic Polyadenylation Element Binding Protein 1 (CPEB1) Protein Tested for WB and SDS-PAGE
Recombinant Human Platelet/Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (PECAM1) Protein: Recombinant Protein produced in E. coli using prokaryotic expression
Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Against Ferroportin (FPN) Tested for WB, IHC, and IF/ICC
Desumoylating Isopeptidase 2 (DESI2) Antibody: DESI2 Antibody for Western Blotting has reactivity against humans.
@Abbexa is a leader in specialty antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, and other reagents for life science research. They have made a difference to researchers worldwide by providing excellent-quality products. Abbexa provides the scientific community with a wide variety of laboratory tools, including primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, and proteins. Working with various laboratories across the world, they have developed relevant, high-quality, tested products for the biomedical research market.
These best-selling products have consistently demonstrated their value to researchers worldwide.
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