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NZYTech Restriction Enzymes

NZYTech Restriction Enzymes

A restriction enzyme is a protein isolated from bacteria that cuts DNA sequences at specific locations, generating fragments of DNA with known ends. These enzymes are essential in laboratory research applications such as recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering.

Restriction enzymes have wide applications in molecular biology, including but not limited to:
DNA Sequencing
Genome Mapping
Recombinant Cloning

At BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd., we take pride in being the authorized channel partner for NZYtech, offering a comprehensive range of restriction enzymes to the Indian scientific community. The extensive catalog includes: NcoI, BgIII, EcoRI, HpaI, HindIII, XhoI, PstI, SaII, DpnII, Speedy BglII, Speedy EcoRI, Speedy HindII, Speedy NcoI, Speedy HpaI, Speedy SalI, Speedy XhoI, AscI, Speedy AscI, Speedy DpnII, TaqI, DdeI, MboI, Speedy MluI, MluI, Speedy HinfI, HinfI, Speedy MboI.

We are committed to providing assistance to researchers in advancing their understanding in molecular biology techniques via providing high quality research tools.

For more information and specifications, please connect to us @ info@biotechnolabs.com

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