Why Agrisera?

Why Agrisera?

Agrisera antibody collection has been developed since the year 2000, provides off-the-shelf antibodies for plant and algal research, with prompt delivery worldwide, and reactivity to thousands of species and have been validated for Arabidopsis thaliana, Hordeum vulgare, Oryza sativa, Zea mays, mosses, algae, diatoms. Agrisera products are validated in at least two independent laboratories, and cited in thousands of publications since the year 2000. These antibodies are independently validated using various techniques, such as Western blot, immune localization and ChIP, in well-known research laboratories worldwide. Theirantibodies are produced in chickens, goats, mice, rabbits and rats, which offers an advantage for immunolocalization studies.This means that the same antibody can be used on both algal and higher plant samples. Beside antibodies to proteins, Agrisera offers unique antibody collections to components of plant cell walls, hormones and epigenetic modifications. BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd. provide all of this product range from Agrisera antibodies products at best prices with fastest delivery and after sales technical support.

The minimum antibody dilution of Agrisera antibodies supplier is 1: 1000, and in some cases, the antibodies can be diluted as far as 1: 50 000, or even 1: 100 000, which makes our product to perform in terms of dilution better than antibodies from others.Tested antibody applications, like ELISA, Immunolocalization, Immunoprecipitation, Western blot are best described. The shelf-life of Agrisera antibodies is many years, if stored properly. As most of our antibodies are lyophilized and shipped in an environmentally-friendly way, with no dry ice or heavy packaging. The antigens used to elicit Agrisera antibodies are chosen based on a broad species reactivity. This means that the vast majority of our products consists of >95% specific antibodies, and not a total immunoglobulin fraction, as obtained when using Protein A or G affinity purification.

They provide antibodies for various compartment markers including Cell wall, Chloroplast, Cytoplasm, Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, Mitochondria, Nucleus, Peroxisomes, Plasma membrane, Plastids, Vacuoles etc. Agrisera also provide antibodies for Carbohydrate metabolism, Bioenergetics and Cell wall. Also, for developmental biology studies they have antibodies for Circadian clock, Cytoskeleton, Flowering, Ion transport, Lipid metabolism, Photomorphogenesis, Senescence, Signal transduction. For research purpose in molecular biologyAgrisera has antibodies: Cell cycle, Epigenetics/DNA methylation, microRNA,

Nuclear signalling, RNA metabolism, Transcription regulation, Translation. IT also supports the researchers in Environmental stress studies by providing antibodies for Cold stress, Drought stress, Heat shock, Heavy metal stress, Hypoxia, Oxidative stress, Pathogen attack, Salt stress, Wounding.For Phytohormones they have Abscisic acid, AuxinsBiosynthesis/regulation, Brassinosteroids, Cytokinins, ELISA kits, Ethylene, Gibberellins, Jasmonates, Salicylic acid. BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt Ltd a authorized ELISA Kit distributor in India. Most important for the plant biologists, we supply antibodies for Photosynthesis including ATP synthase, Biogenesis/architecture, Carotenoid metabolism, Chaperones/Transporters, Chlorophyll, Electron transfer, GreenCut, Kinases, LHC, Light acclimation, Proteases, PSI (Photosystem I), PSII (Photosystem II), RUBISCO/Carbon metabolism, Sucrose metabolism. Apart from these, we provide antibodies for Plant modifications, Plant Pathogens, Plant Toxins, Fermentation, Food Allergens, Respiration, Nitrogen Metabolism, Bacterial and fungal antibodies. Not only these antibodies but Agrisera also provide secondary antibodies, Tag antibodies, Blocking control, Loading controls, Detection reagents, Protein Standards etc.

We BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt Ltd provide all of this product range from Agrisera at best prices with fastest delivery and after sales technical support.