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Flat 20% Discount on Custom Polyclonal Antibody

Flat 20% Discount on Custom Polyclonal Antibody

Antibody Research Corporation, headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, USA, is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the biotechnology industry. They offer an extensive range of over 100,000 life science research products, including antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, cell lines, and bioreagents, catering to various laboratory applications. Their global reach extends to universities, biotech firms, agricultural enterprises, pharmaceutical companies, food industries, and diagnostic institutions, facilitating scientific advancements worldwide.
BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd. proudly serves as the authorized and reliable channel partner for Antibody Research Corporation in India. We are delighted to present the latest promotional offerings from Antibody Research Corporation:
Custom Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody:
Guaranteed high titer, with over 100 mL of sera
Custom Chicken Polyclonal Antibody:
Designed to minimize cross-reactivity with antibodies
Assured high titer, featuring 100 mL of IgY fraction
Custom Goat Polyclonal Antibody:
Ideal for large-scale projects
Guaranteed high titer, providing 500 mL of sera
Custom Alpaca/Llama Polyclonal Antibody:
Customized for the production of single-domain and VHH antibodies.
Assured high titer, including 500 mL of sera
Get these products at 20% discount. The offer is valid for a limited time.

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