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ELISA Kit Distributor in India

ELISA Kit Distributor in India

Looking for the Best ELISA Kit Distributors in India to buy best price of ELISA Test Kits? You have come to the right place. BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as one of the best ELISA KIT supplier in India, Delhi NCR and serving across the globe. Let’s first understand the basis of ELISA Kit.

What is an ELISA Kit?

ELISA Kit full form is Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) kit, is an immunoassay ELISA kit used for determining or quantifying a specific protein in a mixture. It is used for the analysis of measurement of various substances like antigens, antibodies, hormones, proteins, glycoproteins, vitamins, coenzymes etc. Enzyme tagged antibodies are used for the analysis of the results or quantification of the substance.

How to Order ELISA Kits Online at BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd.?

You can place an order and buy ELISA kit online from our official website: by sending us the enquiry.

Steps of ELISA

General Steps for completing ELISA comes under these four steps:

  1. Coating: It involves direct /indirect antigen or antibody immobilisation on the surface of the microplate well
  2. Blocking: It involves the covering of unsaturated surface binding site of microplate well.
  3. Detection: It is done by adding a substrate which will lead to generation of color/signal. Most common substrates used are horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP).
  4. Observation of final reading.

Washing step is required between each step by phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) and a non-ionic detergent for removing the unbound material. The number of washes is dependent on the specific protocol being used.

Direct ELISA Kit- BTL Biotechnolabs

Types of ELISA kit

1. Direct ELISA

Direct ELISA method was developed by Engvall and Perlmann in 1971. In this method, the plate is coated directly with tagged antibody or antigen enabling the measurement

This method is suitable for determining antigens having high molecule-weight. Incubation with the sample is followed by washing which removes the unbound antigens or antibodies and then the substrate is added to produce a colour signal which is then measured for determining the concentration of Antigen or Antibody.

2. Indirect ELISA

Lindstrom and Wager developed Indirect ELISA in 1978. This is known as indirect because it is not the primary antibody that binds to antigen is measured rather it is another antibody added in the medium which is being measured

In the indirect ELISA, serum is added to antigen pre coated plates followed by incubation. Antibodies formed during the incubation makes antigen-antibody complexes, hence to measure these complexesan enzyme tagged antibody is added which recognises antibody produced and further the enzyme substrate is added for the generation of colour via which the concentration is estimated. They have higher sensitivity in comparison to Direct ELISA.

3.Sandwich ELISA

Kato and his workersdeveloped Sandwich ELISA in 1977. In this method, microwell plate are coated with capture antibody and blocked. The serum microplate wells followed by incubation and washing which will remove the unbound antigen

Further enzyme tagged antibody specific to antigen are added and then incubated. After which washing step is performed. For the generation of colour signal enzyme substrate is added to the medium. This method is known as sandwich ELISA as the protein/antigen is stuck between two antibody molecules. Sandwich ELISA is reported to be 2-5times more sensitive than all other ELISA methods.

4. Competitive ELISA

Competitive ELISA was developed by Yorde and his co-workers in 1976. Microwell plate is coated with antigen specific antibody or antibody specific antigen. The sample to be measured and the enzyme-tagged antigen or antibody are placed into the well simultaneously.

The tagged and untagged antigen (patient antigen) or antibody molecules compete with each other to bind to the antibody or antigen in the wells followed by washing and addition of enzyme substrate which leads to colour generation and the concentration is estimated. Analyte concentration is inversely proportion to intensity of resulting coloration.

Summary of Different types of ELISA Kits

Types Screening Disadvantage Advantages
Direct Antibody False-positive Low sensitivity
Indirect Antigen/Antibody Immobilization non-specific High sensitivity
Sandwich Antigen Necessary use of Matched Pair Very high sensitivity
Competitive Antibody High sensitivity

Factors interfering with ELISA

  • Plate Assay: the shape and quality of the wells, the material of the plate, potential pre-activation, even or uneven coating
  • Buffer: pH, contamination
  • Capture and detection antibody: incubation time, temperature, specificity, titer, affinity
  • Blocking Buffer: cross-reactivity, concentration, contamination
  • Target antigen: conformation, stability, epitopes
  • Enzyme conjugate: type, concentration, function, cross-reactivity
  • Washes: contamination, frequency, volume, duration, composition
  • Substrate: quality/manufacturer
  • Detection: instrument dependent factors
  • Reader/human error

What are the components of an Elisa Kit?

ELISA kit includes the following major components:

  • Antigens
  • Antibodies
  • Dried protein stabilizers
  • Blockers
  • Protein stabilizers,
  • Wash buffers
  • Substrates,
  • Stop solutions

Why Biotechno Labs Pvt Ltd – the Best ELISA Kit Distributor in India?

BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd. provides best quality of ELISA kit to the scientific community for their research in various fields like cancer, inflammation, metabolic disorder, neuroscience, immunology, Cell signalling, Plant Biology, Microbiology etc.

At best price with fastest delivery and also guarantee full technical support after sales. The company offers Best ELISA kit price from various species including Human, mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Bovine, Canine, Feline, Hamster, Fish, Plant, Chicken, Goat, Sheep, Porcine, Horse, Guinea Pig etc.

Not only that BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd. provide Food safety ELISA kit and Mutiplex kits for the detection of multiple markers in a single kit.

Supplier of ELISA Kits in India

Over the years we have become one of the Best ELISA Kit Suppliers in Delhi, India The company supplies a broad range of ELISA kit covering more than 10,000 markers or assay targets. We can provide 48T and 96T ELISA kit and ordering bulk quantities can give more discounts to the prestigious clients.

BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt Ltd is the best ELISA kits distributors India. We are offering different types of ELISA kit with a minimal cost of ELISA kit. You can enquire the price of ELISA kit by visiting on our website and send us the request for enquiry.

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