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Assay kits | Assay Kits Supplier- BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt Ltd

Assay kits | Assay Kits Supplier- BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt Ltd

What are Assay kits and used for?

Assay Kits are the kits used to perform biochemical tests. These provide the reagents for the measurement of specific analytes used for various applications in industries and academics. Assay kits are used in life science research, drug discovery & development, and environmental monitoring in a broad range of applications such as studying disease pathways, screening for potential drug candidates and evaluating biopharmaceutical production processes. Assay kits are available for assessing cell proliferation, signal transduction, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, metabolism,oxidative stress and damage etc.

BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd. –Assay Kits Distributor in New Delhi, India

BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd. is an authorised distributor of Assay Kits in India provides you more than 1000 assay kits from all across the globe. Our assay kits are highly sensitive, fast with efficient processing and will give sensitive precise and accurate results. Our complete range of products include: Antibody, ELISA Kits, Recombinant Proteins, etc.

Categories of Assay kits

  • Apoptosis
  • Cell-Based Assay Kits
  • Cholesterol-Related
  • Coronaviruses
  • Cytokines
  • Deacetylases
  • Heat Shock Proteins
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Immunotherapy Kits & Components
  • Kinases
  • Metabolism
  • Methyltransferase Kits & Components
  • Molecular Biology
  • Neuroscience
  • PARPs
  • Phosphodiesterase Kits
  • Proteases
  • Protein Phosphatases
  • RasSignaling
  • RNA Epigenetics
  • Ubiquitination

Types of Assay kits Products by format type:

Colorimetric assay Kits:A colorimetric assay is a technique that measures the amount of coloured complexes in a solution. It is a reaction that leads to a change in colour because of enzymatic or chemical reaction. These kits are useful in biochemistry research area for assessing the compounds, hormones, antibodies etc. Colorimetric assays are practiced in biochemistry to test for enzymes, specific compounds, hormones, antibodies and other analytes. Colorimeters or Spectrophotometers are used for the analysis of these assays which measures light intensity as a function of the color or wavelength of the light.

Fluorometric Assay kits:The fluorometric assay is a technique that determines the kinetic mechanism of enzyme reactions. These assay kits are based on the principle of formation of a fluorescent product from a nonfluorescent substrate or vice versa. Assay kits generally determine the kinetic mechanism of enzymatic reaction. Fluorometric assays are generally much more sensitive than other assays. The diagnostic enzyme estimations in tissue, cell, or fluid samples of patients increase due to its higher sensitivity. Opaque plates are used in fluorometric assays due to less scattering of light. There are two wavelengths necessary for these types of assays: excitation and emission. These kits are suitable for samples like body fluids, tissue and cells. The main fluorometric detection instrument is the fluorescence microplate reader.

Chemiluminescent Kits: Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) kits are widely used which are based on principal of highly sensitive chemiluminescence assay and highly-specific immune response and affinity of antibodies. In the current scenario CLIA is the latest and the most advanced immunoassay technology. CLIA has various advantages which includes high sensitivity and specificity, high stability of reagents, rapid detection and simple operation.

Luminescent Kits: Luminescence is the emission of light by a substance as a result of a chemical reaction (chemiluminescence) or an enzymatic reaction (bioluminescence). It is optically simpler than fluorescence detection as it does not require a light source or specific optics for excitation. Luminescence can be either a ‘flash’ or a ‘glow’ reaction, depending on the kinetic profiles. Flash luminescence gives a very bright signal for a short amount of time generally seconds and Glow luminescence emits a more stable but usually less intense signal that can last for several minutes or hours. It is an extremely popular detection platform for many applications compared to absorbance and fluorescence. Ex: Luciferase Assay

TR-FRET Kits: Time-Resolved FRET (TR-FRET) is a detection method that combines Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) with Förster´s Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET). Generally, this technique is used to analyse binding events and for high-throughput drug screening and further eliminates the short-lived background noise derived from scattered excitation light and autofluorescence. Lanthanides are typically excited at 320 - 340 nm. The emission of the donor is used as an internal reference, while acceptor emission is an indicator of the energy transfer (binding event) taking place.

Different types of Assay Kits

  • Enzymatic Assay Kits
  • Glucose assay kit
  • Metabolism Assay Kits
  • Amylase assay kit
  • God-pod assay kit
  • Ethanol assay kit
  • Bca assay kit
  • Tunel assay kit
  • Mtt assay kit
  • Ldh assay kit
  • Atp assay kit
  • Glucose assay kit
  • Cytochrome c assay kit
  • Glycogen assay kit
  • Ethanol assay kit

How To Order Assay kits Online At BTL Biotechno Labs Pvt. Ltd.?

You can place an order and buy Assay kits online from our official website: by sending us the enquiry. We are also an authorised distributor of ELISA Kits in India.

Best Assay kits Supplier in India

Over the years of hard-work, dedication and desire to be the best supplier of Assay kits, our organization has achieved the title of “Best Supplier for Assay Kits in India”. We are offering different types of Assay kits with best quality and affordable prices. You can enquire the prices of Assay kits on our website by sending us request for enquiry.


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